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    Did you dream sometimes about easy movement ? About movement without borders?

    Drive the footbike and you will experience real feeling of freedom and independence!

    Driving of the footbike introduce easy movement which is suitable for all age categories from the smallest and the youngest to the biggest and the oldest. Simultaneously is driving of the footbike active movement during which will be stretched majority of your body muscle parties. There will be pleasured both the professional sportsmen and mainly usual people or persons with some body movement disability too.

    Get a ride on the footbike and experience freedoom, which you did not recognize yet ! You will be surpriced by light of driving when you will speed by landscape!

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    International Eurocup 2016

    Koloběžkový KOSTKA CUPJeseník, Czech Republic, 11.-12.6. International race for children and adults, for registrated racers and for amateurs. Drawing coupon to lottery to win valuable prize - draw for your race scooter!

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    Rádce pro výběr koloběžky

    Take advantage of our long-standing and professional experience. We like to recommend a right model for You.

    Hotline: +420 702 129 739

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    The folding footbike KOSTKA RUBIK 4

    Rubik 4

    For the journey and everyday movement at the city get modern and elegant folding footbike RUBIK! Folding takes to 30 seconds included time of putting to transport bag. Weight is 8,2 kg and in the bag it takes space 90 x 60 x 25 cm.

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    One thousand and one reason why just KOSTKA

    - The footbike KOSTKA, high - tech product from the Czech Republic

    - Own modern design and developing centre KOSTKA – new inovations, exacting tests of quality

    - High quality equipment and supplements of KOSTKA footbikes

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    rear fender Kostka

    will start sale within October. Specialy developed profile of fender body is made from aluminium alloy and increased firmness and long working life. Simultaneously were removed unpleasant resonances ....